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Labor-management partnerships: The seeds of success in the green economy

Abigail Paris serves as Program Assistant for the Socially Responsible Business Program.

Flambeau River PapersToday is Earth Day—a day to reflect on the importance and value of the natural environment.  Started more than 40 years ago in the United States, Earth Day is now celebrated in over 175 countries. It also serves as a time to take note of year-round environmental stewardship. In the 2010 edition of our annual Labor Day List: Partnerships that Work, we did just that.

The eight businesses featured in the report are leaders in the green industry, in terms of both environmental sustainability and labor-management partnerships. Litecontrol manufactured the first architectural lighting systems to be Cradle to Cradle™ certified. Gerding Edlen Development led the first LEED-Platinum certified renovation of a building on the National Register of Historic Places. McGough Construction built the first office building in Minnesota to be certified LEED Platinum. Flambeau River Papers will be the first pulp and paper mill in North America to go fossil fuel free by using a biofuel plant that turns wood byproducts into green diesel fuel to power the mills.

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Litecontrol: A beacon of business-savvy and forward-thinking policy

At a time when all too many companies are cutting corners for short-term gain, Litecontrol is illuminating the path to a sustainable future. With a commitment to cooperation, innovation, and its employees, the Hanson, Massachusetts-based company has made a name for itself in the architectural lighting industry, and in our 2010 Labor Day List. You can read the company’s full profile here.

Fully employee-owned since 2007, Litecontrol produces energy-efficient lighting systems for office buildings, schools, hospitals, and libraries. Through an Employee Stock Option Plan and membership in their union, the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW), Litecontrol workers have both a financial stake in the company and a voice on the job—not to mention fair wages, healthcare benefits, and retirement security. Read more »


And now for some positive news: the 2010 Labor Day List

In advance of Labor Day, American Rights at Work is releasing its annual report, The Labor Day List: Partnerships that Work. Every year the Labor Day List highlights positive labor-management relationships, but this year we decided to take it a step further and honor great relationships specifically within the clean energy economy. Read more »