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Take action! Tell your supermarket to stop exploiting farmworkers!

Try to imagine going 30 years without a raise. I’m sure you can, and it’s probably not a very pretty picture.

For Florida tomato pickers, there’s no imagination necessary—they’re living the reality. These workers only get paid 45 cents per bucket of tomatoes, a rate that has hardly changed since 1980. To compensate for the stagnant pay, the pickers have settled for working harder and faster, subjecting themselves to backbreaking labor and the constant risk of injury in the process.

Now they’re asking for a raise: one more cent per bucket. Outrageous, I know! Unfortunately, many agricultural companies won’t budge an inch. Read more »


Getting a fair shake in the fast food nation

If you’ve ever lived in a college town or if you’re just a fast food fan like me, then you have probably heard of Jimmy John’s.  The chain serves up delicious sandwiches that can be delivered directly to your pad well into the wee hours of the night.

But behind that tasty French bread exterior, not everything at Jimmy John’s is so appealing. Like many in the fast food industry, Jimmy John’s workers suffer from substandard wages, they don’t receive sick days, and have to bring in a doctor’s note just to get the day off. One worker claims that he had to work bicycle delivery shifts with a broken clavicle or risk losing his job, while another employee complains of working with too many ill coworkers, so sick they even vomit in the workplace. Read more »