McGough Construction: An unshakable foundation in workers’ rights and sustainability

A recognized leader in sustainable construction and labor-management relations, McGough Construction is the company behind some of the most iconic structures gracing the Twin Cities skyline.

In addition to original projects like the LEED-Platinum-certified headquarters of Great River Energy, the company specializes in ‘greening’ existing buildings—providing resources and maximizing efficiency for clients who want to improve sustainability or pursue green building certifications.

And the company’s dedication to sustainability goes beyond green buildings. McGough has also developed an exceptional working relationship with local unions. That relationship means a brighter future for Twin Cities construction workers, and continued profitability for the company. Why? Because safety-minded union workers bring a level of skill and expertise to the job that’s hard to come by in today’s economy.

McGough is doing right by workers and the environment, and it’s winning the company recognition from all corners, including the Minnesota Safety Council, Engineering News-Record, the American Subcontractor Association of Minnesota, the University of Minnesota, and of course American Rights at Work.

With its commitment to sustainability, safety, partnership, and diversity, this model employer and forward-thinking company is sure to transform buildings and communities for years to come.

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