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Entertainers and sports stars sound off in support of public employees

Earlier this week, we described how entertainers and sports stars – most union members themselves – have taken to Twitter, the blogosphere, and other mediums to express solidarity with workers in Wisconsin and states across the country who are fighting to protect their basic rights.

While it’s great to see the outpouring of celebrity support, the sheer volume of messages can make tracking difficult. So we’ve assembled a roundup of their tweets, posts, and statements to make their messages easier for workers’ rights supporters to access.

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Entertainment and sports stars rally for public employees

As workers, small business owners, religious leaders, and everyday community members continue fighting to protect workers’ rights, some of the country’s most renowned actors, musicians, and athletes have lent their voices to the cause. These stars and their unions, including Actors Equity, AFTRA, Screen Actors Guild, Writers Guild of America, East , the Major League Baseball Players Association, and the National Football League Players Association, are amplifying the message that workers of all stripes have to stand together for a voice on the job and a fair chance at the American dream.

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SAG awards are a celebration of #unionmembers

Last night, Hollywood feted its top talent at the 17th annual Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards show. While we’re used to seeing celebrities stroll down the red carpet, this award show is unique because it’s a night when union members come together to honor fellow union members. In fact, it’s the only national network awards show that honors the work of union members.

And this year, the stars took full advantage of their opportunity to draw attention to the importance of unions in front of a national audience. Upon receiving her first SAG Award for best actress in ‘Black Swan”, Natalie Portman said, “”I’ve been working since I was 11-years-old, and SAG has taken care of me. I’m so grateful to have this union protecting me every day.” Portman was joined by Best Supporting Actress winner Melissa Leo of “The Fighter”, who noted, “Unions made this country great because they give the voice to the working people.” The night’s winners also praised unions outside of the entertainment world. Julianna Marguiles of “The Good Wife” gave props to the Teamsters for “digging us out of the snow for the past two weeks.”

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#Unionmember #FollowFriday

We wanted to show our appreciation to all of those who participated in last weekend’s Labor Day Tweet-a-Thon,  including proud #unionmembers from Screen Actors Guild, Actors’ Equity, AFTRA, and the Major League Baseball Players Association.  So here it is: our biggest #FollowFriday yet!


  • Evan Longoria (@Evan3Longoria). Tampa Bay third baseman:
    Happy Labor Day to @MLB fans! Nothing like September baseball in a penant chase but I am reminded today how great it is to be a #unionmember

Proud to be a #unionmember

#unionmember logoOver the Labor Day weekend, American Rights at Work teamed up with Actors’ Equity, AFTRA, the Screen Actors Guild, and the Major League Baseball Players Association in support of the Labor Day Tweet-a-thon.  The goal of the Tweet-a-thon was to celebrate unions, their members, and the benefits of being in a union for workers in showbiz, and in every industry.  People using the #unionmember hash-tag ranged from rank and file union members to celebrities—all proud to be tweeting their #unionmember pride on Labor Day. Read more »


Showcasing union pride in 140 characters or less

#unionmember logoWhat do rock stars, baseball players, and news reporters have in common?

They belong to unions.

This Labor Day, people who work in the sports, entertainment and news media industries—baseball players, actors, recording artists, Broadway performers, broadcasters and more—are coming together on Twitter to celebrate unions They all know that it’s a tough climb to make it to the top. Fortunately, they have unions to thank for the healthcare, fair wages, and other union advantages they received along the way.

So this weekend, union members from across the spectrum are uniting on Twitter with a common purpose: to talk about the advantages of being a #unionmember … in 140 characters or less. Read more »