Nationwide rallies in solidarity with Wisconsin this Saturday

Wall Street-elected politicians have created the recent wave of anti-worker attacks we see sweeping the nation. But weeks of worker protests across the country have proven that local communities-those who care about the middle class-have a voice and are going to use it.

Protests in Ohio have caused Senators to reverse a bill initially banning unions to bargain collectively. New Hampshire’s Gov. John Lynch stuck to his responsibilities and refused to let New Hampshire become a right-to-work state. And brave state lawmakers across the country are taking unprecedented action to protect bargaining rights in response to public employee outcry.

But the rights of workers are still on the chopping block. Instead of focusing on creating sustainable jobs and preserving the middle class, legislators are still trying to gut pensions, reduce wages, and deny our police officers, nurses, teachers and civil servants the right to bargain-hanging workers out to dry in order to repay political promises.

But your support can make a difference. This Saturday, join hundreds of thousands of Americans across the country and from every state in standing with Wisconsin workers and employees of all states.

Inspired by the outpouring of activism in Wisconsin, American Rights at Work is coming together with, Jobs with Justice, USAction, and countless civic minded organizations and people to demonstrate. Wear red and white in solidarity with UW-Madison workers. The rallies will be publicized through photos, videos, and live tweeting.

Rallies are happening in all 50 states in over 66 locations. Find the one nearest you here.

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2 Responses to “Nationwide rallies in solidarity with Wisconsin this Saturday”

  1. James Pedersen says:

    Please let me know as events come. Thanks!

    In Solidarity.

  2. mike says:

    These politicians will continue to away and blame unions until first,we start recall efforts.These officials care less about pickets.Secondly,the union has to be more aggressive in presenting the facts .I live in MIAMI,FL and why not take out a full paper ad in the newspaper so that the people and veiw the true.The GOP is successful because it is using “auguments” but very twisted facts.The advantage today is that even if the union used a small time news paper,it would still reach the masses.It is time for the union to realize that pickets and strikes are much less effective today because the oppostion with sway the public with deception.The first defense has to be to address the lies and in the case of public officials,recall.In Florida,Gov.Scott like in Wisconsin ,was barely elected.A recall is easy and would send a clear message to the GOP.

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