NFL Lockout means big losses for players—and their families

At the start of this year, we let you know that a lockout of NFL players would hurt more than just the athletes. We underscored that it would also threaten the jobs and livelihoods of countless workers and business owners who rely on the industry to support their families. Now, after the NFL owners’ decision to lockout players earlier this month, that possibility may very well become a reality. But this issue is more personal than just jobs and the economy.

In a moving blog in The Nation, Jaclyn Fujita, wife of Cleveland Browns linebacker Scott Fujita, reminds us just how much is at stake for players. And what’s at stake in this ongoing fight is nothing short of life and limb.

In her words:

[H]ere [the players] are, simply asking the men who profit from their work, to please look after their health, as they should have done throughout their career. They ask this so that someday, the young boy who chooses this path knows he will be protected the way he deserves. So his mother, wife, or child will know that even though that hit looks awful, there is someone on the sideline with his best interests at heart. So future NFL wives who watch their husbands unable to get out of a chair on a Tuesday, yet still strap it come Sunday, will be taken care of.

Whether on or off the field, what it comes down to is this: Workers can only provide for their families and power our economy when they have access to a safe workplace and a secure future. And if politicians and CEOs—including those who own sports teams—succeed in stripping workers of their rights just to pad profits, we are destined to lose a lot more than the Superbowl.

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