NLRB rules resident doctors have right to form union

Richard Scarry wrote in his classic children’s book that “Everyone is a worker: Farmer Alfalfa, Blacksmith Fox, Stitches the Tailor,” and yes, even “Doctor Lion.” The folks over at the National Labor Relations Board must understand this simple truth. The agency just ruled that resident doctors at St. Barnabas Hospital in New York City are workers, not students, who have the right to form unions and collectively bargain. This ruling upheld a 1999 Board decision that medical interns and residents are statutory employees with a right to organize under the National Labor Relations Act.

The residents at St. Barnabas overwhelmingly voted to form a union last year, yet the hospital challenged their right to organize, arguing they were students, not employees.

Update June 11: the NLRB released the vote count totals today: the vote was 119-2 in favor of the union.

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2 Responses to “NLRB rules resident doctors have right to form union”

  1. I organized for the JCIR in the ’80s. It’s nice to see that the NLRB finally reversed itself. That is a sweet victory.

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