No More Limbo for Workers’ Rights

The NLRB needs five members to be a full, functioning board. But since December 2007, the NLRB has only had two members, and over the last 14 months, obstructionist U.S. senators have held up President Obama’s slate of nominees.

In today’s Roll Call, American Rights at Work’s Kimberly Freeman Brown lays out what’s at stake:

With President Barack Obama’s nominees defeated, America’s workers continue to pay the cost. The board will continue to hobble along as it has for the past two years. Stuck with just two members, every critical case at the national level is frozen…This means that millions of workers who saw their right to form a union revoked by the Bush board — like the nurses and professionals wrongly labeled as supervisors — must continue to work without job security and a voice to improve their working conditions.

Freeman Brown calls for the president to make the board whole with recess appointments:

The president must flex his constitutional authority to appoint his NLRB nominees and give workers the protection they’ve gone so long without…It’s now up to the Obama administration to stand up to them — and get this fundamental agency back to work.

You can read the full piece here, and if you agree, you can sign our petition to the president.

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