Not a joke: Onion News Network writers form union

All workers deserve a voice on the job, whether they work in a factory, a classroom, or a broadcast studio. Last week, we saw workers gain the benefits and protections of union representation at big-name companies like IKEA, T-Mobile, and H&M. Today, the good news kept coming, as writers for the Onion News Network (ONN) have formed a union with the Writers Guild of America, East (WGAE).

The WGAE is a labor union representing writers in motion pictures, television, cable, digital media, and broadcast news.

While we might not think of comedy writers as typical workers, the new Writers Guild members at ONN share many of the same workplace concerns with employees in other sectors of the economy. They stood together to demand family-supporting benefits, fair pay for their work, and improvements in scheduling.

The writers and ONN management have already negotiated their first contract, which includes a pay increase, payments for past work done, and better healthcare benefits. The new contract also carries provisions to help Onion staff writers keep us laughing. Management has agreed to hire additional writers and implement writing weeks, which will allow the staff additional time to craft material.

The ONN’s second season begins on September 30 on the Independent Film Channel.

When workers have a voice on the job, we all benefit. In this case, we may get a few good laughs too.

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