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Survey says…Americans trust public employees

One of my favorite parts of ‘The Daily Show’ is when Jon Stewart shows a mashup of various politicians and media talking heads repeating the same phrase ad nauseam. During the election cycle, the show picked on politicians who time and again prefaced their own claims with “The American people want…” As you can imagine, Stewart zinged them for not knowing or caring what the people actually want.

Fortunately, today we have Gallup to set the record straight. Gallup’s recently-released 19th annual poll asked respondents to rate the honesty and ethical standards of professions, and the results indicate that the American people trust public employees—despite the relentless scapegoating these workers face. In fact, six of the top ten ranked professions for honesty and ethics are in part or wholly public sector jobs, including nurses, grade school teachers, pharmacists, doctors, day care providers, and police officers. As a point of comparison, politicians came in twentieth place, just above car salespeople.

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Workers’ rights sacrificed “At the Altar of the Bottom Line”

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At the Altar of the Bottom Line book cover imageStressed. Exhausted. Exploited. Abandoned. In a new book, Tom Juravich exposes and examines the degradation of work in the United States today. At the Altar of the Bottom Line, based on in-depth interviews with workers, lifts up the experiences of working people from diverse sectors of our economy.

Juravich, a writer, researcher, and professor at the University of Massachusetts Labor Center, spent six years interviewing workers in four different occupations:

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