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Victory in Ohio is a victory for the 99 percent

Today is a great day for workers’ rights. Ohio voters struck down Senate Bill 5 (Issue 2) by a stunning margin of 62-38 (29% reporting). The GOP-backed bill was designed to limit collective bargaining rights for public workers like firefighters, teachers, and nurses throughout the state. However, Ohio voters would not stand by and let their rights be taken away. They joined together and used their citizens’ veto to let the corporation-backed politicians know that Americans will stand up for their collective bargaining rights. But this isn’t just a victory for public employees in Ohio—it’s a victory for workers across the nation. This is a victory for the 99 percent, by the 99 percent. Read more »


Working families put Gov. Kasich’s anti-middle class bill to a vote

After a winter of icy attacks by Gov. John Kasich, summer has brought some good news for Ohio’s working families. In June, a record number of signatures were delivered to the Secretary of State demanding a repeal election for SB 5, which increases health care costs for thousands of families and limits long-held collective bargaining rights for teachers, nurses, firefighters, and police officers. Read more »


1.3 million people: Ohio’s record-setting effort to repeal SB 5

Ohio’s working families had some paperwork to drop off with the state yesterday. Just an afternoon’s errand, a small procedural matter, you might say. Well, it may have been merely paperwork, but when the semi-trucks arrived, it was clear that the people of Ohio had something important to say to Gov. John Kasich.

In all, nearly 1.3 million signatures were delivered to the Ohio Secretary of State (1,298,301 to be precise) demanding the repeal of Senate Bill 5, which scales back public employees’ rights and safety measures. There were so many signatures collected that it took a team of retired police officers and firefighters four hours to unload the 1,502 boxes carrying the petitions. Read more »


Entertainment and sports stars rally for public employees

As workers, small business owners, religious leaders, and everyday community members continue fighting to protect workers’ rights, some of the country’s most renowned actors, musicians, and athletes have lent their voices to the cause. These stars and their unions, including Actors Equity, AFTRA, Screen Actors Guild, Writers Guild of America, East , the Major League Baseball Players Association, and the National Football League Players Association, are amplifying the message that workers of all stripes have to stand together for a voice on the job and a fair chance at the American dream.

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