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Labor Day List

2006 Labor Day List

2006 Labor Day List The 2006 Labor Day List: Partnerships that Work profiles successful partnerships among employers and unions. For a number of these employers, respecting workers’ rights comes straight from the top, where forward-thinking business leaders see unions as an asset to achieving their goals. Other employers, like New Orleans-based contractor Boh Bros. Construction Company, show the potential labor-management partnerships have to make a difference in communities. The 2006 Labor Day List also features the AFL-CIO’s Gulf Coast Revitalization Program, highlighting the way workers and their unions rebuild the Gulf Coast in the wake of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

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2005 Labor Day List

2005 Labor Day List In our first Labor Day List, American Rights at Work celebrates partnerships between employers and their employees’ unions that both meet the needs of workers and fulfill business objectives in the global economy.  The featured companies and their unions work together to improve workers’ standard of living and working conditions while reaping the benefits in reduced staff turnover, higher productivity, and better service.  Among others, the Labor Day List profiles Costco Wholesale Corporation, which demonstrates that treating employees well is good for business, and Harley-Davidson Motor Company, whose partnership with its employees’ unions boosts productivity and quality, and keeps jobs in America.

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