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The 2009 Labor Day List: Partnerships that Work
September 02, 2009

In the American Rights at Work Education Fund’s fifth annual Labor Day List, we recognize successful partnerships between employers and their employees’ labor unions that are working well in an uncertain global economy. Employers showcased in this year’s report walk the walk when it comes to respecting their own workers’ rights, and now they are going a step further by standing up on behalf of all U.S. workers. Every business profiled in this year’s report has spoken out on the need for meaningful labor law reform. By supporting the Employee Free Choice Act, legislation making it easier for workers to choose to form a union, a new generation of visionary employers is laying the foundation for the financial well-being of workers and businesses alike.

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Unions on the Cutting Edge: A Workforce Trained for the 21st Century
August 24, 2009
Unions have a long history of leadership on designing and promoting innovative and effective job training and apprenticeship programs that benefit workers, businesses, and local communities. Now more than ever this country needs workers to have a voice at the table to ensure that the challenges of a new economy are met with fair and effective policies.
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Unions and Other Community Groups Benefit Local Economic Development
August 24, 2009
When workers have a seat at the table, their voices strengthen local economic development and helps ensure fairness, quality jobs, and long-term sustainable growth.

Labor unions have been responding to the unfair policies of the last several decades by taking action to shape local economic development policies.1  In partnerships with employers, community organizations, and local governments, unions have helped revitalize local economies by saving and expanding family-supporting jobs. This fact sheet contains are some examples of these win/win partnerships.
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No Holds Barred: The Intensification of Employer Opposition to Organizing
May 20, 2009

New findings from Dr. Kate Bronfenbrenner provide a comprehensive, independent analysis of employer behavior in union representation elections supervised by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). Her research identifies the range and incidence of legal and illegal coercive tactics used by employers NLRB elections and the ineffectiveness of current labor law to protect and enforce workers’ rights during the process.

Dr. Bronfenbrenner’s report also compares employer behavior in this study’s period to previous studies that she and her research teams have conducted over the last 20 years.

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The Employee Free Choice Act: Good for Small Business
April 13, 2009

Small businesses are the backbone of our economy, employing almost half of the American workforce. Yet, labor law is not ensuring a level playing field for responsible businesses, large and small.  Businesses that comply with the law face unfair competition from companies who refuse to respect the rights of their employees to join unions. The Employee Free Choice Act will give back to small businesses the freedom to compete based on innovation and quality instead of who can afford the most expensive anti-union consultants.

Small and large businesses across the nation who have respected their employees’ choice to form a union have reported that the sky did not fall – far from it.  In fact, one report found that a higher percentage of unionized workers in a state significantly reduced the probability of small business failures.  More generally, a large body of research demonstrates that firms that become unionized are no more likely to fail than comparable firms that remain non-union. 

Increased union membership rates will help small businesses by boosting consumer spending, increasing access to training resources, and reducing healthcare costs through plans that pool many unionized workers and small businesses together.

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