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The 2005 Labor Day List: Partnerships that Work
August 30, 2005

ldl05_125.jpg The ianugural 2005 Labor Day List features partnerships between successful employers and their employees’ unions that both meet the needs and rights of workers and fulfill business objectives. The practices of the employers we profile buck the current “race to the bottom” trend and eschew hostile labor-management relations. These innovative employers demonstrate there are alternative models which fulfill the needs of their shareholders, employees, and valued customers.

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Free and Fair? How Labor Law Fails U.S. Democratic Election Standards
June 30, 2005

Free and Fair?American Rights at Work commissioned University of Oregon political scientist Gordon Lafer to investigate how current union election procedures measure up to U.S. democratic standards.  In spite of the presence of secret ballots, the report concludes that union representation elections fall alarmingly short of living up to the most fundamental tenets of democracy.

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The Power of Partnership
March 12, 2005

After many years of corporate propaganda telling Americans that we can’t have good jobs and a healthy environment, communities are fighting back.  Across the country, environmentalists and unions are joining forces to hold corporations accountable and ensure good jobs, safe workplaces, and healthy neighborhoods.  From cleaning up polluting industrial facilities to opposing irresponsible international trade agreements, unions and environmentalists are stronger when they work together.

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No Bargain: Comcast and the Future of Workers’ Rights in Telecommunication
November 01, 2004

arawbargaincoverthumb.jpgThis report chronicles Comcast’s efforts to prevent and undermine workers from organizing new unions or successfully negotiating a contract on the terms and conditions of their employment.

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Some of Them are Brave: The Unfulfilled Promise of American Labor Law
October 31, 2004

bravetinythumb.jpg This report provides an in-depth look at workers fighting for the right to form unions in Florida’s nursing home industry. Findings indicate that workers face widespread and systematic violations of their legal and human rights, and show the need for labor law reform.

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