Regis Corporation: cutting away at workers’ rights

I’ve always had something of a haircut phobia. I’m always afraid it’s going to end up too short or too frizzy, or just plain bizarre (I still refuse to let my mom hang my high school graduation portrait—taken after one such incident). I’ve gone up to about three years without even getting a trim!

But now, beyond frizz and fly-aways, it looks like I really do have something to fear at the salon: unfair labor practices.

The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) issued a complaint last Friday against Regis Corporation , which controls about 10,000 hair salons across the nation-including big-name chains like Cost Cutters, Master Cuts, and Mia and Maxx.

In an investigation, the NLRB discovered that Regis Corporation has been illegally forcing employees to guarantee, in a written statement, that they would never sign union authorization cards. They also showed workers a DVD in which the company’s CEO, Paul Finkelstein, warned stylists that they would be fired and blacklisted if they supported a union.

As part of the complaint, the NLRB has ordered Regis Corporation to stop showing the anti-union DVD to employees immediately. They must also post a notice at all of their locations to inform workers of how the company broke the law, and how the NLRB is taking action.

Lance Compa, labor law professor at Cornell University’s School of Industrial and Labor Relations (ILR), said in a statement from the Tompkins County Workers’ Center, located in Ithaca, NY:

The evidence in this case is not a smoking gun. It is a smoking cannon. The NLRB has taken strong action by consolidating this case at a national level and seeking extraordinary remedies to address management’s truly shocking behavior. The workers, too, deserve credit for standing up for their rights.

The NLRB has taken an important step in showing that unionbusting is an illegal act, and that corporations who try it face consequences. Now it’s up to Regis Corporation to stop cutting away at their workers’ rights and treat them with the respect they’ve earned.

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