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Update: Ruby Ridge

Last week we alerted you to the shocking conditions workers face at the Ruby Ridge Dairy farm in Pasco, Washington. In response to long hours, inconsistent pay, and brutal work rules, workers at the dairy sought a voice on the job and a union through the United Farm Workers. Since trying to organize, workers say that management responded with the highest degree of intimidation and harassment, including the firing of union supporters and insinuations of violence.

Seeking to put pressure on the dairy’s owners, we asked that you join us in urging Northwest Farm Credit Services to stop lending to Ruby Ridge. A company that doesn’t value human rights does not deserve an extended line of credit.

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Workplace or prison camp?

His name is Dick Bengen, and at Ruby Ridge Dairy in Washington State, workers say he imposes some of the most unspeakable working conditions we’ve ever encountered. He carries a rifle in his truck and threatens pro-union employees with it. He shouts abusive language and racial slurs at his workers. He refuses to grant lunch breaks. And his employees have to drink from the same water barrels as his cows.

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