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State Battles

It’s a well-known fact that nearly every community and state in the country will face major budget crises in 2011. Yet the fiscal challenges facing policymakers have opened the door to a flood of myths and heated rhetoric about the causes of and solutions for these budget shortfalls.

Corporate-backed lawmakers are already circulating a number of proposals that use the excuse of the state budget problems to gut workers’ rights and benefits, when in fact it was Wall Street’s gambles and broken promises that have hurt taxpayers and the middle class—not workers. These policies would destroy good jobs and scale back compensation for working people, while pouring more taxpayer money into corporate coffers. And that’s the last thing workers or our economy needs.

So here is a guide to understanding the anti-worker proposals currently circulating in state legislatures, and resources to help push back against these regressive policies.

SOLIDARITY IN THE STATES: Allies have been coming together in recent weeks in support of workers’ collective bargaining rights across the country. Click here to see examples of their outpouring of support, and to get involved.