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Equal Pay Day: Walmart didn’t get the memo

Tuesday was Equal Pay Day, and if the ongoing Supreme Court case is any indication, Walmart still has a long way to go on this issue.

Late last month, over one million female employees from more than 3,000 Walmart branches  presented their class-action lawsuit against  America’s largest private employer to the nation’s highest court. The women allege rampant and widespread sex discrimination by the retail giant, including unequal pay. Read more »


19 Wisconsin counties flip on Gov. Walker—but outcome of Supreme Court race still unclear

Weeks of protests across Wisconsin let unionbusting legislators know that workers won’t stand for ideologically motivated attacks on their rights. And this week’s Supreme Court race took that message from Madison to the polls. Read more »


Supreme Court ruling could reopen hundreds of NLRB decisions

Thanks to a Supreme Court ruling, more than 500 National Labor Relations Board cases are likely to be reopened.

The court ruled in New Process Steel v. National Labor Relations Board that the Board had been operating illegally with just two members, Democrat Wilma Liebman and Republican Peter Schaumber,  since December 2007. While we’ve certainly been in favor of filling out the NLRB to its full membership so it can truly get back to work for workers, today’s ruling only adds insult to injury for thousands of workers across America by needlessly delaying finality for workers who already thought they had it

Kimberly Freeman Brown, Executive Director of American Rights at Work, had this to say on how to move forward:

Notwithstanding today’s developments, the NLRB must still address serious issues faced by workers in this economy by enacting tougher remedies on lawbreaking employers, demanding swift justice for illegally fired workers, and protecting workers’ rights to a first contract to the fullest extent of the law.

You can read her statement here.