Take action! Save local communities from a football lockout!

Thanksgiving is tomorrow, which means for most American families a day of eating excessive amounts of turkey and pumpkin pie, then sitting in a food coma on the couch and watching football. I say most families because somewhere along the line, my family started the bizarre tradition of watching Fiddler on the Roof. We’re not normal.

Football is one of America’s most beloved pastimes. We have an entire culture built around watching it. But the NFL is ready to call a time-out and forbid players from hitting the field next season. Why? Because they want to completely eliminate ALL healthcare benefits for the athletes and their families, in addition to other ridiculous concessions.

A lockout wouldn’t just hurt players and fans. Picture a 60,000-seat football stadium empty. Now picture all the bars, restaurants, hotels, t-shirt shops, hot dog carts surrounding the stadium closed. And all of the stadium’s janitors, vendors, and support staff… out of work.

If there’s no football season, it would impact 150,000 jobs – and cause more than $140 million in lost revenue – in each and every city with an NFL team.

So if the NFL decides to lock out the players, we’ll all be locked out.

Take action! Sign our petition and urge the NFL not to lock out its players in 2011.

As we sit in our food comas and watch football tomorrow (or I watch “If I Were a Rich Man” for the 20th time), we need to remember that if the NFL doesn’t do right by its players, there might not be a Thanksgiving football match next year. And if that happens, we run the chance that hundreds of thousands of people won’t be able to afford to put a turkey on the table. Take action!

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