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Tell IKEA: Give your workers a fair shot!
May 16, 2011

Workers at an IKEA subsidiary’s factory in Danville, Virginia, are facing pay cuts, mandatory overtime, racial discrimination, and dangerous conditions on the job. The workers want a union to help fight back, but factory management has fired workers who are just talking about unions.

Tell IKEA CEO Mikael Ohlsson: No more unionbusting. No more intimidation. Give your U.S. workers a fair shot at forming a union.

Stop Philips from Shipping Good Jobs to Mexico
March 17, 2011
Philips is about to close one of its most profitable lighting plants, leaving 275 workers in Sparta, Tennessee, jobless and an entire community devastated. Where are those jobs going? Mexico.

The attacks on middle class jobs in Wisconsin and other states have galvanized Americans to stand up against shameful moves like this. Now these workers need our help.

Tell Philips’ CEO: Keep the lights on in Sparta, Tennessee, and keep good jobs in America!

States Need Economic Solutions, Not Scapegoats
February 11, 2011

With the middle class already struggling, anti-worker governors and state legislators from coast to coast are feverishly working on bills that would decimate unions. They’re targeting America’s workers – because they think there won’t be political repercussions.

It’s up to us to make sure state legislators hear our message loud and clear – crippling unions makes things worse for the middle class, not better. And we won’t stand idly by while anti-worker legislators destroy all the progress we’ve made.

Take a stand now for America’s workers and add your name to the petition.

Tell Congress Not to Balance the Budget by Sabotaging Workers
February 03, 2011
Politicians, facing daunting budget deficits, are looking for someone to bear the brunt of deep and painful cuts. And who did they chose? Teachers. Construction workers. Police officers. Food safety inspectors. Nuclear clean-up crews.

Anti-worker politicians are using budget crises as an excuse to scapegoat public employees like these – middle class workers who are already working hard just to get by. And while Congress does need an economic recovery plan, slashing jobs and benefits will only make things worse.

Sign our petition urging Congress and the president to stop destroying good jobs and develop a real plan for economic recovery.
Stop the Inhumane Treatment of Workers at Ruby Ridge Dairy
January 07, 2011
Ruby Ridge Dairy owners Dick and Ruby Bengen have taken harassment to a new level of brutality: employees work long hours and are forced to go without lunch breaks. Dick Bergen even patrols the farm with a rifle, saying "This is for those people with the union."

But Northwest Farm Credit Services continues to lend the money that keeps Ruby Ridge in business, while claiming  to maintain "high standards of integrity" and practice "ethical decision making." We can help stop these appalling conditions by shaming Northwest FCS into stopping its financing of Ruby Ridge.

Sign the petition now!
Tell Giant Eagle to Stop Bullying Workers
December 15, 2010

Supermarket chain Giant Eagle is resorting to ugly, hardball tactics to keep its workers from organizing. Sending threatening letters, having security teams follow people around, and even arresting an employee who worked at Giant Eagle for 36 years – for nothing more than talking with her coworkers.

Send a letter to Giant Eagle’s CEO and let him know that it’s not acceptable to treat workers like criminals.

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