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Report Highlights Link Between Labor-Management Partnerships and Academic Success

While the collective bargaining rights of teachers are under attack across the country, we’ve heard plenty from politicians looking to score partisan points. But often drowned out in this cacophony are the voices of educators and school administrators who continue to point out that collective bargaining works for our schools. A new report from American Rights at Work Education Fund highlights the positive impact labor-management partnerships are having in our nation’s classrooms—and underscores the role collective bargaining plays in improving student achievement. It’s a tool for innovation that is improving education from New Jersey to California.

The report, “Partnerships in Education: How Labor-Management Collaboration Is Transforming Public Schools,” is available here.

“The schools lifted up in this report make it clear that revoking collective bargaining rights isn’t just the wrong way to address budget deficits—it’s also a threat to the quality of our schools,” said Kimberly Freeman Brown, Executive Director of American Rights at Work. Read more »


On National Teacher Day, give teachers the credit they deserve

Today we are honoring the people who have inspired us, given us the building blocks of a fulfilling life, and taught us to love learning. No, we aren’t talking about parents this time. It’s National Teacher Day, a time to reflect on everything teachers do for America’s students, schools, and communities.

From the first day of school to the last ring of the bell, teachers shape our experiences both inside and outside the classroom. Read more »


For many Wisconsin teachers, school’s out all too early

Students celebrate the last day of school as the end of homework and the start of summer. But for many teachers across Wisconsin, where Gov. Scott Walker’s attacks on public employees are still in full swing, the end of this school year may also be the beginning of an early retirement.

More than 130 teachers in Madison and its surrounding counties will be retiring this June-a retirement rate that’s 62 percent higher than the average from the past five years. Of course, it’s not just teachers who find their retirement on the line. The number of Wisconsin public employees that have filed for retirement in 2011 is up nearly 80 percent over the same period last year. Read more »


Survey says…Americans trust public employees

One of my favorite parts of ‘The Daily Show’ is when Jon Stewart shows a mashup of various politicians and media talking heads repeating the same phrase ad nauseam. During the election cycle, the show picked on politicians who time and again prefaced their own claims with “The American people want…” As you can imagine, Stewart zinged them for not knowing or caring what the people actually want.

Fortunately, today we have Gallup to set the record straight. Gallup’s recently-released 19th annual poll asked respondents to rate the honesty and ethical standards of professions, and the results indicate that the American people trust public employees—despite the relentless scapegoating these workers face. In fact, six of the top ten ranked professions for honesty and ethics are in part or wholly public sector jobs, including nurses, grade school teachers, pharmacists, doctors, day care providers, and police officers. As a point of comparison, politicians came in twentieth place, just above car salespeople.

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Jobs Bill Passes, Keeps Recovery on Track

Cash-strapped states can finally breathe a sigh of relief—help is on the way.

Last week, after months of stalling by Senate Republicans, the Senate was finally able to pass a $26 billion jobs bill that will save more than 900,000 jobs of state and local teachers, nurses, firefighters and other workers facing layoffs. And yesterday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi brought back the House of Representatives for an emergency session, where it passed by a vote of 247 to 161, and was quickly signed into law by President Obama.

The victory is especially important for the nation’s schools, which have seen class sizes swell while thousands of teachers have confronted the threat of layoffs. Read more »