The big secret behind secret ballot initiatives

Next Tuesday, voters in four states—Arizona, South Carolina, South Dakota, and Utah—will be facing anti-worker initiatives that would amend each state’s constitution to require so-called secret ballots in union elections. At first glance, these measures appear to be about worker protection. But underneath the friendly exterior, it’s clear the far-right organizations funding these measures are not looking out for workers’ best interests.

They’re making a preemptive strike against federal legislation that Congress has not even passed yet—the Employee Free Choice Act.

The Big Business front groups backing these ‘secret’ ballot initiatives are notorious for supporting anti-worker policies like privatized social security. They say that this common-sense legislation would hurt workers and make union elections undemocratic. But studies show that 54 percent of employers threaten and interrogate their employees in one-on-one meetings under the current National Labor Relations Board process. That’s hardly a level playing field for employees, and it’s definitely not democratic.

Even more spurious is the claim that the Employee Free Choice Act would take away the secret ballot. Truth is, passing this legislation would not eliminate them as an option—it would just give workers the right to decide between an election and majority sign up.

The bottom line is that these initiatives are an unwanted distraction on Election Day, when our focus should be the economy and creating new jobs.

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