Grammy-winning Tom Morello’s latest gig for workers’ rights

A tireless advocate of workers’ rights, legendary guitarist Tom Morello has organized benefit concerts and even engaged in civil disobedience to support the cause.  His performance on the steps of the capital building in Madison this February was one of the highlights of the historic protest against Gov. Walker’s attacks on workers and collective bargaining. 

Moved by the widespread mobilizations in support of workers’ rights across the states,  Morello has crafted his latest solo album, Union Town, as a soundtrack to these epic social and economic justice battles.

In fact, all of the album’s proceeds will support the America Votes Labor Unity Fund to help advocates beat back attacks on workers’ rights.   You can download Tom Morello: The Nightwatchman Union Town on iTunes or purchase the newly-released EP on CD here.

In an interview with the AFL-CIO’s Now Blog, Morello explained his motivation for recording Union Town:

I was inspired by the solidarity of students, steelworkers and firefighters of all ages, colors and creeds who occupied the Capitol building. I was inspired by the fact that there was something in the air that made nurses, teachers, farmers and musicians know it was time to get off the sidelines and make history.

The Grammy-winning guitarist for the pioneering band, Rage Against the Machine, has been in a union for 22 years and his mother was a union public school teacher. He was honored by American Rights at Work in 2006 with an Eleanor Roosevelt Human Rights Award in recognition for his passionate advocacy on behalf of workers.

The American Rights at Work staff was especially excited to see that Morello’s Justice Tour ’11 will be in the DC area on September 2nd. In August and September, Tom will be performing in Cleveland, Chicago, Detroit, and Indianapolis. (For more tour information click here.)

If you’re looking to hear some fantastic, inspiring music and support workers’ at the same time, we’d recommend you pick up Union Town and see Morello on tour.

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