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Take action! Tell your supermarket to stop exploiting farmworkers!

Try to imagine going 30 years without a raise. I’m sure you can, and it’s probably not a very pretty picture.

For Florida tomato pickers, there’s no imagination necessary—they’re living the reality. These workers only get paid 45 cents per bucket of tomatoes, a rate that has hardly changed since 1980. To compensate for the stagnant pay, the pickers have settled for working harder and faster, subjecting themselves to backbreaking labor and the constant risk of injury in the process.

Now they’re asking for a raise: one more cent per bucket. Outrageous, I know! Unfortunately, many agricultural companies won’t budge an inch. Read more »


A new chapter in workers’ rights: CIW and Pacific Tomato Growers agree on social responsibility

The news about tomatoes in America just keeps getting sweeter and sweeter.

Last week, we all said thanks to Eurofresh for providing consumers with delicious, environment and worker-friendly produce. And just yesterday, Pacific Tomato Growers, one of the nation’s largest tomato growers, and the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW) came together to sign a ground-breaking agreement to create new standards for social responsibility and accountability in Florida’s tomato industry.

For decades, CIW has been fighting for labor reforms in Florida’s tomato industry. With their Campaign for Fair Food, the organization has reached out to farm owners to bring an end to worker abuses such as lack of fair pay, health benefits, and safety training. Read more »


You say tomato, I say awesome. Sign our Thank You card!

Eurofresh logoIn this year’s Labor Day List, American Rights at Work highlighted the amazing labor-management collaboration at Eurofresh, an Arizona company that produces some of the nation’s tastiest tomatoes.

Eurofresh grows their produce in greenhouses, which keeps workers from having to toil in the hot sun. And their vegetables are pesticide-free, so workers and consumers are safe from toxic chemicals. Even better, Eurofresh managers actually respect the workers’ rights, health, and their union!

“Thanks to our employees and the union we have a good quality product that is safe,” said Robert Pulido, vice president for human resources at Eurofresh. “It’s a group effort.”

So why not take a second today to thank Eurofresh and its workers for providing good, green jobs and making consumer safety a priority?  Sign our Thank You card here! We’ll deliver your comments to the company’s management and its union.


A fresh look at tomatoes, cucumbers, and labor

This week, American Rights at Work Education Fund released its annual report, The Labor Day List: Partnerships that Work. The report highlights employers who understand that going green, building a successful business, and respecting workers’ rights go hand in hand.  The businesses featured represent a range of employers of various sizes, locations, and industries.

Among those mentioned in the report was Eurofresh , the country’s leading producer and marketer of pesticide-free greenhouse tomatoes and cucumbers.  Based in Willcox, Arizona, Eurofresh grows tomatoes and cucumbers using state of the art greenhouse technology.

Read more »