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Celebs and sports stars tweet the #unionmember advantage

American Rights at Work’s Labor Day checklist: parades, cookouts, and Twitter. Over the weekend, we teamed up with the MLBPA, the NFLPA, and the country’s leading entertainment unions, Actors’ Equity, AFTRA, SAG, and WGAE, for our second annual Labor Day Tweet-a-Thon. In 140 characters or less, high-profile tweeters came together with other union members and workers’ rights supporters from across the country to celebrate the role unions play in creating fair workplaces—and a fair economy.

Our team had an incredible time following the Tweet-a-thon over the holiday weekend. Participants using the #unionmember hash-tag ranged from rank and file union members to celebrities and sports stars—all enthusiastically tweeting their #unionmember pride on Labor Day. It was truly inspiring to see a new dialogue about the importance of workers’ rights open up online. In total, we generated 13.5 million impressions on Twitter users about the advantages of being a #unionmember. Read more »


The #Unionmember Advantage in 140 Characters

#unionmember logoWe’re changing the conversation on workers’ rights this Labor Day weekend, and we want you to be a part of it. At American Rights at Work we know about the great work done by union members every day and the tremendous advantages – for members and non-members alike – that unions have brought to our workplaces and economy.

This Labor Day weekend we’re honoring America’s workers with our second annual Tweetathon. Working with our partners in the world of entertainment, America’s athletes, actors, recording artists, Broadway performers, and broadcasters are using Twitter to come together with other union members and workers’ rights supporters from across the country and celebrate the role unions play in creating fair workplaces – and a fair economy. Read more »


2010: A year-end roundup

The American Rights at Work blog team is about to close up shop for the holidays. But before we do, here’s a roundup of some of our favorite posts from 2010, from most to least recent. Happy Holidays! Read more »


#Unionmember #FollowFriday

We wanted to show our appreciation to all of those who participated in last weekend’s Labor Day Tweet-a-Thon,  including proud #unionmembers from Screen Actors Guild, Actors’ Equity, AFTRA, and the Major League Baseball Players Association.  So here it is: our biggest #FollowFriday yet!


  • Evan Longoria (@Evan3Longoria). Tampa Bay third baseman:
    Happy Labor Day to @MLB fans! Nothing like September baseball in a penant chase but I am reminded today how great it is to be a #unionmember

Showcasing union pride in 140 characters or less

#unionmember logoWhat do rock stars, baseball players, and news reporters have in common?

They belong to unions.

This Labor Day, people who work in the sports, entertainment and news media industries—baseball players, actors, recording artists, Broadway performers, broadcasters and more—are coming together on Twitter to celebrate unions They all know that it’s a tough climb to make it to the top. Fortunately, they have unions to thank for the healthcare, fair wages, and other union advantages they received along the way.

So this weekend, union members from across the spectrum are uniting on Twitter with a common purpose: to talk about the advantages of being a #unionmember … in 140 characters or less. Read more »