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New Travel Channel series highlights products made in America

Every day we hear from corporate-backed pundits and politicians that the only way companies can compete is to ship jobs overseas and engage in bottom of the battle practices at home. Don’t believe the hype. The truth is that many of our most iconic brands are still made here in America, by employees who are treated with respect. From Corvettes to Louisville Sluggers, union-made products – products that support good-paying middle-class jobs – are all around us. Read more »


New UAW contract with General Motors shows that unions work for America

Workers represented by the United Auto Workers (UAW) have finalized a new contract with General Motors. An agreement was first reached on September 16, and was ratified in an employee vote by a two to one margin on Wednesday. By creating thousands of stable, good-paying positions at an American company, the agreement between the UAW and GM shows that the presence of unions makes our economy stronger—a big win for GM employees and positive news for America’s middle class.   Read more »


Not your father’s UAW

Michael Wasser is American Rights at Work’s summer 2010 research intern. He has previously interned at the Lansing Delta Township Assembly Plant.

Throw away those preconceptions: this is not your father’s United Auto Workers.

As new president Bob King announced at the Center for Automotive Research’s Management Briefing Seminars this week, “a more visionary and stronger 21st-Century UAW is being born.” In this re-birth, the union recognizes its role as a partner with management in manufacturing high quality vehicles while still protecting the rights of workers.

Though the idea of the UAW collaborating with an automaker may seem revolutionary to some, President King’s announcement this week simply reveals a growing trend. Within General Motors, for example, over the course of several decades, the UAW expanded its collaboration with management through a series of initiatives. Read more »