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New Travel Channel series highlights products made in America

Every day we hear from corporate-backed pundits and politicians that the only way companies can compete is to ship jobs overseas and engage in bottom of the battle practices at home. Don’t believe the hype. The truth is that many of our most iconic brands are still made here in America, by employees who are treated with respect. From Corvettes to Louisville Sluggers, union-made products – products that support good-paying middle-class jobs – are all around us. Read more »


You say tomato, I say awesome. Sign our Thank You card!

Eurofresh logoIn this year’s Labor Day List, American Rights at Work highlighted the amazing labor-management collaboration at Eurofresh, an Arizona company that produces some of the nation’s tastiest tomatoes.

Eurofresh grows their produce in greenhouses, which keeps workers from having to toil in the hot sun. And their vegetables are pesticide-free, so workers and consumers are safe from toxic chemicals. Even better, Eurofresh managers actually respect the workers’ rights, health, and their union!

“Thanks to our employees and the union we have a good quality product that is safe,” said Robert Pulido, vice president for human resources at Eurofresh. “It’s a group effort.”

So why not take a second today to thank Eurofresh and its workers for providing good, green jobs and making consumer safety a priority?  Sign our Thank You card here! We’ll deliver your comments to the company’s management and its union.


Back in business: Mott’s summer-long strike comes to an end

UFCW logoSince May, 305 Mott’s factory workers in Williamson, NY have been on strike to protect their wages and pension plans. And on Monday, they were able to put down their signs for the first time in three-and-a-half months. The strike is finally over. Read more »


Betting on Workers’ Rights

The employees of the Foxwoods Resort Casino in Mashantucket, Connecticut took a gamble. After being denied the ability to have an honest vote for union representation, the workers, including bartenders and beverage servers, appealed to the NLRB and had their first official election last Saturday.

The owners of the Foxwoods Casino claimed that since the casino belongs to the Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation, the workers should be governed by tribal laws.  But in 2004 the NLRB asserted its jurisdiction over tribal businesses, after casinos were noted to be using unfair labor practices. Previously, the Foxwoods counted people who chose to abstain from union elections as “no” votes.

And the gamble? It paid off. Read more »


Take our jobs. No, really.

Check out UFW President Arturo Rodriguez talk about the Take Our Jobs project tonight on The Colbert Report, 11:30 p.m. EST on Comedy Central.

If you think that migrant workers are stealing all the “good, American jobs,” think again.

The United Farm Workers Union recently launched a campaign to show Americans that migrant workers aren’t taking any jobs that average American workers actually want. UFW’s “Take Our Jobs” campaign offers citizens and legal residents the opportunity to, quite literally, fill out an application for a labor-intensive, six-day-a-week, low-paying agricultural job, with no health benefits.

Does that sound like a good, American job to you? Not to us. Read more »