Undercover Boss conceals truth about DirecTV

world's worst boss mugIf you weren’t busy cheering on the gangsters of Boardwalk Empire last Sunday (like one very enthusiastic American Rights at Work blogger), perhaps you saw the newest episode of CBS’s Undercover Boss. This week’s featured company was DirecTV, a national broadcast satellite service.

In the episode, DirecTV President and CEO Mike White went undercover in his own company where he “discovered” that employees are spending their own money for requisite supplies and for equipment failures that are out of their control.

Unfortunately, that kind of disregard for employees and their rights isn’t an isolated incident at the company.  DirecTV has a history of unionbusting and mistreating their workers, which Undercover Boss decided didn’t make for interesting television.

In some states, such as Georgia and Florida, DirecTV hired the notorious unionbusting firm Bell and Associates to try and prevent its workers from exercising their right to form a union with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW). And across the country, the company gets around providing benefits such as overtime compensation for DirecTV installers by misclassifying them as independent contractors.

Is it any wonder why DirecTV is facing no less than six class action lawsuits from employees?

Check out this interview with Mark Smith, a call center worker at DirecTV’s Missoula facility, who was fired for attempting to form a union.

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