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Unions & Business: Surviving the Recession Together
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Gamesa USA

Gamesa USA, which designs and manufactures wind turbines and develops wind farms across the country, has had a strong relationship with the United Steelworkers since it first opened U.S. operations in 2005.

When the recession hit, and took with it potential customers, a team of company and union leaders worked together to keep the renewable energy producer lean and flexible, while cushioning the impact for workers. The labor-management partnership team implemented fair severance packages and significantly reduced the number of temporary layoffs by developing a cross-training program. Employees got the opportunity to learn new skills at a higher pay rate, and many workers in downsized areas of the company were able to take other assignments. 

When, in early 2010, the allocation of stimulus funds to Pennsylvania wind farms meant a significant increase in business for Gamesa, the company was able to call back all of its remaining temporarily laid-off steelworkers and quickly get back up to full production, thanks to its skilled and cross-trained workforce.

GamesaIndustry: Renewable Energy
Headquarters: Langhorne, PA
Union: United Steelworkers
Union Employees: Roughly 350 steel workers
Total Employees: 850

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