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Laborers lend a hand in rebuilding Joplin

We’re excited to share yet another story of union members giving back to their fellow community members. On May 22, a devastating tornado in Joplin, MO claimed the lives of over 100 residents and flattened large sections of the city. With construction workers sorely needed to rebuild they city, Laborers’ Local 319 is providing free job training to help get the city and its residents back on their feet. Read more »


Drew Brees: Model athlete and union member

Sports Illustrated just announced that New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees is the recipient of its 57th Sportsman of the Year award. In announcing the award, the magazine noted that the award recognizes Brees’s work on and off the field since coming to New Orleans in 2006. Along with leading the Saints to the team’s first Super Bowl win last year, Brees has played an instrumental role in helping New Orleans recover from the damage of Hurricane Katrina.

What you may not know about Drew Brees is that he is also an active union member – currently serving as a member of the NFL Players Association (NFLPA) Executive Committee. In this role, he’s worked to educate the public about the owners’ threat to lockout the players and cancel next season, a callous grab for more money that will affect hundreds of thousands of workers in cities across the country. Read more »


Link between union density and happiness plays out on national scale

It’s no surprise that belonging to a union improves the lives of union members. But a recent study co-authored by Patrick Flavin and Benjamin Radcliff at Notre Dame and Alexander Pacek of Texas A&M University, shows that union density—the percentage of the workforce that belongs to unions—also has a direct impact on workers who don’t belong to unions. Read more »


Unions Have a Positive Impact on Family-Friendly Workplace Policies

Unions could improve workplace policies for millions of working families if Employee Free Choice Act becomes law

A new report from the UC Berkeley Labor Center and the Labor Project for Working Families shows how unions make workplaces more family-friendly:

  • Workers in unions are more likely to have heard of the Family and Medical Leave Act, have fewer worries about taking leave, and are more likely to receive fully paid and partially paid leaves.
  • Among hourly workers, 46 percent of union members receive full pay while on family and medical leave, compared to 29 percent of non-union workers.
  • Workers in unions are 1.3 times as likely as non-union workers to be allowed to use their own sick time to care for a sick child, and are 50 percent more likely to have paid personal leave that can be used to care for sick children.

As the report’s co-author, Netsy Firestein, said, “As Congress prepares to debate the Employee Free Choice Act in coming months, policymakers should understand that unions have helped improve workplace policies for thousands of working families and could do the same things for millions of families if EFCA becomes the law of the land.”

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