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Workers celebrate Food Day by highlighting the union advantage

On Monday, Food Workers and their union, UNITE HERE, celebrated Food Day by hosting and participating in events on college campuses across the United States. The events – held at multiple locations in Baltimore, Boston, Connecticut, Chicago, and the Los Angeles area – brought together food workers with students, faculty, and community food organizations, creating an opportunity for participants from diverse backgrounds to cook, eat, talk, listen, and learn from each other about how to improve our food system.

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Let Hyatt workers know they’re not alone

Last week Hyatt workers at six hotels in Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Honolulu went on strike, demanding better working conditions and treatment from their employer. After working two years without a contract, housekeepers, kitchen staff, and other Hyatt workers are standing up to Hyatt, going on a week-long strike to protest bottom of the barrel wages, high injury rates, Hyatt’s long track record of health and safety violations, and the company’s opposition to workplace safety legislation.  

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Let Us Play, Let Us Work Panel Discusses NFL Lockout

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Less than a week after the Super Bowl, the NFLPA and American Rights at Work met Thursday morning to discuss the economic impact of a lockout on the local economies around the country. Joining them were Ravens cornerback Chris Carr, former player Brian Mitchell, John Marler of UNITE HERE Local 24 and The Nation Sports Editor David Zirin.

“Despite every NFL team being profitable, record television revenues and a Super Bowl that now ranks as the highest rated show on television, owners are demanding the players take pay cuts and work longer, said Kimberly Freeman Brown, Executive Director of American Rights at Work.

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