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“Take Back the Capitol” ratchets up inTENTsity of D.C. protests

This week the 99 percent took over Washington, DC. With 13.3 million workers in the U.S. still unemployed and income inequality at its highest level since the 1920s, several labor unions and advocacy organizations – including SEIU and USAction – rallied more than 3,000 Americans for their “Take Back the Capitol” action.  From December 5–9, unemployed and underemployed Americans from coast-to coast joined together for lobby visits to Congress, teach-ins, rallies and more. At night, many activists crashed at “The People’s Camp” – a tent city located on the Washington Mall near the Capitol Building. Read more »


Nationwide rallies in solidarity with Wisconsin this Saturday

Wall Street-elected politicians have created the recent wave of anti-worker attacks we see sweeping the nation. But weeks of worker protests across the country have proven that local communities-those who care about the middle class-have a voice and are going to use it.
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