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Verizon workers stand together for a fair contract

With Verizon refusing to budge from their hardline, Wisconsin-style contract proposal, 45,000 company employees went on strike on Sunday. As we detailed last week, despite huge profits Verizon is looking to squeeze its workers with drastic cuts to pay and benefits.  As part of its plan to get its way, the company has cancelled the last three negotiating sessions. Read more »


Verizon Workers Rally for a Fair Deal

This weekend over 15,000 Verizon employees rallied outside the company’s corporate headquarters in New York City. The current contract between Verizon and over 40,000 of its wireline division employees, who are represented by the Communication Workers of America (CWA) and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW), expires this Sunday, August 7th. Although Verizon has raked in billions in profits over the last four years-enough to pay CEO Ivan Seidenberg over $80 million-the telecommunications giant is looking to squeeze its workers with drastic cuts to pay and benefits. Read more »


Workers’ rights sacrificed “At the Altar of the Bottom Line”

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At the Altar of the Bottom Line book cover imageStressed. Exhausted. Exploited. Abandoned. In a new book, Tom Juravich exposes and examines the degradation of work in the United States today. At the Altar of the Bottom Line, based on in-depth interviews with workers, lifts up the experiences of working people from diverse sectors of our economy.

Juravich, a writer, researcher, and professor at the University of Massachusetts Labor Center, spent six years interviewing workers in four different occupations:

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