Verizon workers stand together for a fair contract

With Verizon refusing to budge from their hardline, Wisconsin-style contract proposal, 45,000 company employees went on strike on Sunday. As we detailed last week, despite huge profits Verizon is looking to squeeze its workers with drastic cuts to pay and benefits.  As part of its plan to get its way, the company has cancelled the last three negotiating sessions.

Verizon employees, who are members of the Communications Workers of America (CWA) and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW), are standing together, demanding that Verizon act responsibly. Verizon is asking for $1 billion in worker concessions, an average of $20,000 in givebacks per family.

As workers point out, in 2011 Verizon has posted net profits of $6 billion. Over the last five years, the company has profited enough to pay its top five executives a total of $258 million. Now, after outsourcing 25,000 jobs, they are doing everything they can to strip away benefits for their American workers.

One of the more concise statements on the Verizon strike came from actor Rainn Wilson, best known for his role as Dwight on The Office. On Twitter, Wilson summed up what we’ve all been thinking about Verizon:

Verizon wants HUGE union concessions even though it made 6 billion in profit last year. Where’s the outrage about that?

When Wilson was challenged that he would behave the same as Verizon if he was in their shoes, he replied, “No I wouldn’t. I’d balance profits w/ well-being of my workers.”

It’s important that we continue to stand with Verizon’s workers. When good jobs are eliminated for the sake of corporate greed, the economy loses balance, and we all suffer.

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18 Responses to “Verizon workers stand together for a fair contract”

  1. tsbdad says:

    negotiat fairly with cwa & ibew this is not the wireless side that you have bulled we will fright back

  2. Mike Hull says:

    Please give your workers what they deserve. I am a Verizon customer and I would like these employees to be given a fair shot at fair wages and benefits.

    Thank you for listening.

  3. j. graham says:

    I have been sitting here with NO PHONE SERVICE for 3 days. How happy do you think I am with Verizon???

  4. JB King says:

    These workers do not need to give up anything…bargain fairly with them. I am a Verizon wireless customer for 6 years now….BUT I DO NOT HAVE TO BE…….Can change in a heartbeat!

  5. I have been a good customer for years with all my cell phone use. I have trusted your worker with my communication needs because they are hard working and qualified to do thier jobs. Quit stalling at the tables and get down to the real business of serving the public need for your product. Pay these workers a good benefit package and be glad they take good care of your business.

  6. Kim Luxhoj says:

    Not only am I a Verizon customer. I am a Verizon stockholder as well. And I STILL want Verizon to treat it’s workers fairly!!!!

  7. thomasef says:

    Sorry, no tears here, we gave back $20,000.00 in pay cuts (15%) and a 2yr. moratorium on our pension. Things are back on track, pension contributions have been resumed (at a reduced rate), and all layed off employees are back to work. We saved our jobs, saved our pension and kept the company in bussiness.

  8. rodney harms says:

    we have been verizon customers for 7 years and we were just about to renew our contract, I do not see how we can renew as we are a union family, and if you can not even listen to you employees , I as an american can not see fit to do business with your company. Now more than ever we must stand together as proud americans and wipe out the corporate greed that has nearly destroyed this great nation. I will be watching closely as many of my coworkers as verizon customers will be doing also. I sincerely hope you do the decent thing, Rodney Harms

  9. Chris K. says:

    Bargaining in good faith is a prerequisite of any business deal. If you can’t do it with your own company’s value-creating people, Verizon execs, I’m certain you won’t do it with either your customers or ultimately even the shareholders. Do the right thing for your own sake; it’s enlightened self-interest to take good care of the people who make your company possible and highly profitable and who contribute their sweat every day to your extreme way out of proportion to what you add in value executive windfalls & golden parachutes. You will kill the golden goose with a scorched-earth short-term greed-based Gilded Age approach of taking everything. As customers & shareholders, our family is watching this very carefully. It’s your call.

  10. Not only has Verizon been lavish with executive bonosus and have exorbinate profits,they want Verizon employees take pay cuts and refusing to negotiate but they also want me to pay MORE for my service.I’m not a Comcast fan but I am seriously considering a change…Richard Hague

  11. Lynn Barbato says:

    A strong middle class helps everyone. I am a Verizon customer and want Verizon to stop giving their record profits to their 5 top executives (corporate greed) and help working families. I’m strongly considering canceling all my Verizon services. You and your stockholders should be ashamed. How much money to you need? It’s obscene.

  12. Betty Taylor says:

    Do you think you are building employee loyalty by cheating them as you’re doing? You must have some very self-centered, selfish top exacutives working for you when it is the employees who make your company run. I’m not sure I need Verizon’s service anymore. I only wish everyone who used Verizon would quit, as I’m going to do, then, what would you do?

  13. Jennifer says:

    I am a Verizon customer seriously considering changing — bargain fairly with your employees!

  14. J.Publicus says:

    I gave up on this crooked company years ago when they could not produce an accurate bill for my company 4 out of 5 months on average. Oh, and none of the mistakes were in my favor of course.
    I am however making myself a new hobby of standing in front of my local Verizon store and protesting as a private citizen. Let’s see you have me arrested for exercising my 1st amendment rights!

    I encourage the rest of you to show your displeasure with your feet!

  15. O. Buckley says:

    This can’t be good for business, good going guys.

    Be fair & care.

  16. Rev. Jesse F. Anderson says:

    Mr. McAdams:
    As a Verizon customer, I ask you tocome to the table and bargain with fairness and equity.

  17. booker. t. stevens says:

    U. Need. To take. Care. Of. The people. Who. Have. Taken. Care of. U. I. Have. Been. Verizon. Customer. 10. Years. Your. Lack. Of respect. Towards workers. Could. Influence. Change. In service

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