Verizon Workers Rally for a Fair Deal

This weekend over 15,000 Verizon employees rallied outside the company’s corporate headquarters in New York City. The current contract between Verizon and over 40,000 of its wireline division employees, who are represented by the Communication Workers of America (CWA) and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW), expires this Sunday, August 7th. Although Verizon has raked in billions in profits over the last four years-enough to pay CEO Ivan Seidenberg over $80 million-the telecommunications giant is looking to squeeze its workers with drastic cuts to pay and benefits.

Verizon’s proposed changes read like a litany of irresponsible corporate governance: eliminating job security provisions, gutting health care and disability plans, reducing sick leave and vacation time, cutting childcare assistance, and, for good measure, eliminating time off on Christmas Eve.

“These negotiations are all about good jobs,” said CWA District 1 Vice President Chris Shelton. “Companies like Verizon should be investing in rebuilding the American economy, not contributing to the destruction of good, middle-class jobs.”

During Saturday’s rally, CWA and IBEW members stood together in solidarity, pledging to fight for a reasonable contract.

New York State Assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries also spoke at the rally, reminding Verizon that, “The Public Service Commission has jurisdiction over Verizon because it deals in a public service. But it is you who create that service, not the corporate executives in that building. They must be held accountable.”

If Verizon has the resources to pay its CEO $55,000 dollars a day, there’s no excuse for doing wrong by the workers who built their company. And at a time when our economy needs consumer spending more than ever, squeezing workers to pad sky-high profits is simply indefensible.

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One Response to “Verizon Workers Rally for a Fair Deal”

  1. John Phelps says:

    CWA/IBEW…hold their feet to the fire; this is one of the most important Contract negotiations this year. We have to stop all this concession bargaining and stand our ground. Continue the battle…don’t give in!

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