Video: What really goes on in union organizing campaigns

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Were you ever bullied at school? Ever get your lunch money stolen? I bet you thought that behavior would stop once you grew up.

Unfortunately, that’s not the case when you’re a worker trying to form a union. Here’s a statistic that’ll get your blood boiling: 78 percent of workers are forced to attend closed-door meetings with management during union organizing drives. And how much can employers be fined by the National Labor Relations Board for illegally threatening, intimidating, or firing their workers? A whopping zero dollars and zero cents.

Watch this video from the IBEW (featuring actors from the acclaimed HBO series The Wire), showing exactly how such a closed-door meeting might go:

Under current law, management can act like playground bullies – except at this school, the teachers have their hands tied behind their backs, the principal is distracted with other things, and the parents treat the bullies like heroes.

Almost makes that jungle gym look downright civilized.

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