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Walmart partners with unions abroad: What are they waiting for at home?

Angry WalMartAs reported today in The Washington Post, thousands of Walmart employees have a voice through their union in the United Kingdom, Brazil, Argentina, South Africa, and elsewhere. Unfortunately, the same doesn’t hold true here at home. In the United States, the retail giant is notorious for its opposition to unions and for its bottom-of-the-barrel wages, erratic hours, and meager benefits. Read more »


What do actor James Cromwell and United Streetcar have in common? Workers’ rights

On June 20, American Rights at Work will pay tribute to those who have fought for workplace justice at our 7th Annual American Rights at Work Awards Celebration. In addition to recognizing the founders of the organization, the Awards Celebration will honor actor James Cromwell and Oregon’s United Streetcar.

Although one of his most beloved characters, the kindly farmer Arthur Hoggett of “Babe,” was a man of few words, actor James Cromwell has long been an outspoken and dedicated defender of workers’ rights. Beyond serving as a leader within his own unions, the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists and the Screen Actors Guild, he has advocated for the freedom to form unions and the Employee Free Choice Act, and stood alongside film crews and lyricists to improve working conditions. Read more »


Target and Walmart: Different uniforms, same plays

While the push for a fairer workplace at Walmart is well known, that desire is shared by workers across the retail sector. Target, which is often championed as a responsible alternative, has become increasingly ‘Walmarty,’ keeping wages down and funneling more and more employees into part-time–only positions.

As detailed in today’s New York Times, frustrated Target employees in the New York City area are taking matters into their own hands and seeking to organize into a union. Tuned out by management, these workers know that it’s a through a union that they are assured a voice on the job and a say in their working standards.

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When will the goal posts move for workers?

The New York Times reported over the weekend that Walmart plans to change its compensation strategy. Assuming the company read our report on turning its associates’ low-paying jobs into hourly careers, my first thought was, “This is great”! But my hopes were dashed by the second paragraph, where readers learned that Walmart was only adjusting its executive pay system.

And they’re not scaling back—not by a long shot. Read more »


American Rights at Work releases report on Walmart

Today, American Rights at Work released a report detailing the limited career opportunities available for Walmart associates. Coauthored by Nelson Lichtenstein of the University of California at Santa Barbara and American Rights at Work’s own Erin Johansson, “Creating Hourly Careers: A New Vision for Walmart and the Country” calls on the retail giant to take the lead in establishing a career path for its hourly workforce.

As the report makes clear, Walmart’s employees want to keep working for the company – the problem is that Walmart makes it nearly impossible to do so. Associates face a cap on wages, ever-changing schedules, expensive benefits, and an arbitrary discipline process.

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ACLU puts WalMart back in the hot seat

Angry WalMartDoesn’t it feel like just yesterday that WalMart was paying out $86 million to settle a wage lawsuit? Well, the world’s largest retailer is about to head to court again, this time courtesy of the American Civil Liberties Union.

On Tuesday the ACLU filed a lawsuit against WalMart on behalf of an employee, who informed his bosses that he was using medical marijuana, but was fired anyway after failing a drug test. Read more »