Workers’ rights: A year-round classic

There are few things that can bring Americans from all walks of life together. Today, as baseball fans across the country gear up for the 81st All-Star Game, it’s clear that baseball is one of them.  And, despite lining their roster with some of baseball’s biggest names, it’s been over a decade since the National League won the Midsummer Classic.

The players who will take the field in Anaheim tonight are outstanding athletes—household names and heroes to fans worldwide. But many big-league players aren’t just champions in the baseball world. Off the field, they’re also champions of workers’ rights.

In fact, four of the players selected for tonight’s game—Heath Bell, Torii Hunter, Justin Verlander, and Adam Wainwright—have recently come out swinging for labor law reform.

These 2010 All-Star picks were among 12 major leaguers who publicly affirmed the importance of a level playing field in America’s workplaces in an ad that ran in several DC papers during the 2009 Postseason. The ad makes one thing clear:

These baseball players believe all Americans should have the same opportunity they’ve had—to be able to join a union without being fired and to negotiate with their employers without being penalized.

Unfortunately, with 34 percent of employers firing workers who try to exercise that right, we’ve got a lot of work to do. I’ll be rooting for working families (and the National League). Play ball!

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