Workplace or prison camp?

His name is Dick Bengen, and at Ruby Ridge Dairy in Washington State, workers say he imposes some of the most unspeakable working conditions we’ve ever encountered. He carries a rifle in his truck and threatens pro-union employees with it. He shouts abusive language and racial slurs at his workers. He refuses to grant lunch breaks. And his employees have to drink from the same water barrels as his cows.

We’ve seen plenty of companies that treat their workers poorly—Ruby Ridge takes it to a whole new level.

Workers at Ruby Ridge have tried to fight for their rights and their dignity quietly, with a majority of them signing cards asking for union representation. Unfortunately, the workers allege that the owners illegally fired 10 men for trying to form a union and then, as an act of retribution, forced the remaining pro-union employees to work longer, more grueling shifts without extra pay.
And Dick Bengen uses outrageous threats of violence to thwart any potential efforts to form a union. “This rifle is for those people with the union,” he told his employees.

But the dairy’s employees aren’t going to stand for Bengen’s abuse anymore. On Tuesday, workers will protest at the headquarters of Northwest Farm Credit Services, the lender that bankrolls Ruby Ridge, and will deliver a petition demanding that it stop funding the dairy.

Northwest FCS is a regional outfit—it can’t afford a national PR disaster. So we’re asking activists across the country to sign on to the workers’ petition. The company needs to know that it’s not just a handful of disgruntled workers rallying at its headquarters tomorrow – it’s up against thousands of outraged people like you.

Together, we can urge them to avoid this controversy and use its leverage to make sure Ruby Ridge cleans up its act! The protest at Northwest FCS headquarters is on January 11, so there’s no time to lose. Sign our petition NOW!

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4 Responses to “Workplace or prison camp?”

  1. Marvelicious says:

    Where is the protest? I’d like to show up and show my support!

  2. Marvelicious says:

    Ah, I found the answer. The protest is at the bank headquarters in Spokane – I don’t know the address or time, but its a couple hours too far away for me.

  3. Judy says:

    The last time I checked, we do live in the United States of America. I’m sorry to say that I’m too far away from Spokane to show up but wish I could!! This man is an animal and needs to wake up and smell the coffee. Go get him and remind him of where he lives.

  4. joyce graham says:

    Do you really think a comment is necessary? What could I add to what you have said? The guy is obviously a redneck, neanderthal, teabagger/GOP luddite (you can look that up).

    Is that sufficient?

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