Xerox: Do you copy?

Last week, Forbes named Xerox CEO Ursula Burns one of the most powerful women in the world. But what the magazine failed to mention is that her company is doing everything it can to keep unions out of the workplace.

In addition to making photocopiers, Xerox also runs the call centers for E-ZPass, the automatic tollbooth system in New York state. And when E-ZPass workers in Staten Island, NY voted to join the Communications Workers of America, Xerox retaliated by telling 19 employees that they had to transfer or leave the company.

These workers still wish to form a union, but feel threatened that they will lose their jobs. Considering that Xerox has an outsourcing program worth six billion dollars, it’s understandable why they would be afraid to speak up.

E-ZPass call center employee Barbara Elliot believes that if workers had the protections offered by the Employee Free Choice Act, they wouldn’t be denied the right to form unions and bargain collectively by employers like Xerox.

Our laws don’t protect workers like me. The company controls virtually every aspect of the organizing process. That’s why rule change like the Employee Free Choice Act is so important to me and my co-workers.

Our economy needs good jobs—not unionbusting and outsourcing. As a growing number of responsible employers can tell you, businesses thrive by working with—not against—employees. So take action today and tell Ursula Burns that Xerox needs to stop its illegal and unethical conduct, and give its workers the respect they deserve.

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